Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mindset of runners...

I love to run, I always run anywhere between 2-5kms normally. And it never fails to remind me, how the mindset of runners who run more than 10kms, are so much needed to lead a successful life. From personally experience, most of the time, if I do a 10km run, by the 6-8km, what is going on in my mind? What am I thinking? To endure, at least to the finishing point, no matter what. Isn't that the same for life? We have to learn to endure, the downs, to endure, until we reach our goal. It is easily said than done. That is why whenever I meet with any diffculties, I always like to go for long runs, push myself... Why dont you try it? Maybe not running, not everyone likes to run, but how about swimming? Or anything, that you can finish yet not easily so as to remind yourself to endure...But well, this is just for me though =D

Enjoy simple things in life

Learn to enjoy the simpler things of life, like looking at the clouds or stars with our kids or love ones. Or even just enjoying the simple morning rays on our face,or cool breeze,it can help to relax our mind and our body too. And you will be surpise at the effort it can have on our mood for the whole day! Most people nowadays, are always rushing for work, rushing home after work, rushing for appointment, etc etc. Take a moment, slow down your foot step, look around, you might be amaze at what you have been missing out. =)
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Simple ways to improve public speaking

One way to remember content better;is to use Mind Maps.Not only does it helps to remember the content better,it also give room for flexibility,without having to start from point 1 and still able to finish the whole talk without leaving out any content.

Monday, September 7, 2009

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Listen before you speak

Its a very simple task, yet how many people really listen? Not with their ears, but with their heart? Once a person really listens before he/she speaks, than that person, truely be able to 'hear' and reach out wholeheartly.