Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mindset of runners...

I love to run, I always run anywhere between 2-5kms normally. And it never fails to remind me, how the mindset of runners who run more than 10kms, are so much needed to lead a successful life. From personally experience, most of the time, if I do a 10km run, by the 6-8km, what is going on in my mind? What am I thinking? To endure, at least to the finishing point, no matter what. Isn't that the same for life? We have to learn to endure, the downs, to endure, until we reach our goal. It is easily said than done. That is why whenever I meet with any diffculties, I always like to go for long runs, push myself... Why dont you try it? Maybe not running, not everyone likes to run, but how about swimming? Or anything, that you can finish yet not easily so as to remind yourself to endure...But well, this is just for me though =D

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