Sunday, September 6, 2009

Debt vs Success Mindset

I am a very young man, with alot of debt. And I know very well, I needed more streams of income, yet exchanging time for money is not what I am looking for. Everybody only have 24hrs, due to my poor family background, if I were to work for money, ie to say, exchange time for money, I will get nowwhere with my debt... Reading Rich Dad Poor Dad, has change my mind...I know I will not be successful right now, straight away, Robert became super rich in his 50s!! But I am working hard, and fighting hard as well.
Anyone in my shoes, or even any other person, should read the book. Its really really good, I am now still in my debt, but much clearer on where I want to be, where I am heading. The way he explains how everyone, and anyone, can get to riches, is simple yet with meaning as well as proof. Even my girlfriend, is reading and holding on to it! Go take a look!


  1. Being super rich can't be fun. Your wealth is in your imagination.

  2. Wow, that is pretty right, but i am not super rich yet, i cant tell ya =D though i really need money to get out of my debts, that is real for me right now. =(